Welcome fellow del Sol and CRX owners to Club Sol Oklahoma, a local chapter of Team Sol!

Last Update - July 1st, 2003

Club Sol Oklahoma is a great organization to get together all the crazy people who think their Honda del Sol (CRX)  is the best car in the known universe! :) We welcome anyone interested in del Sol's to our site and to our meets.

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News briefs:

  • READ THIS!!! - As of today (July 1st 2003) I am officially handing off Team Sol Oklahoma's presidency to Mark Wallinger and Brad Goldsmith. Ashlie will continue to serve in a VP role. During the month of July I will help out Mark and Brad as needed with any introductions or changes. For the time being I will continue to host the Team Sol Oklahoma website on my domain. In the future it will be moved to a new location (not yet determined).

    Why am I handing this off? Since last October I have moved from Tulsa to Houston, Texas and sold my del sol. I will miss it, but it was replaced with a BMW Z4 (very nice as well). I felt that due to my new location and not owning a del sol that I was not the best person to help continue the team. The leadership roles will be much better served by Mark and Brad and Ashlie as they continue to reside in Oklahoma.

    I've had a great time meeting all of you, creating the Team Sol Oklahoma chapter and seeing it grow in size from a handful of us to over 70 members. I would like to thank Lynn Fox for her help when we first formed "Club Sol" Oklahoma. As my original VP she helped me with her presence in Oklahoma City and to get things running. As her available time became less and less the role was handed off to Ashlie whose energy and tenacity serve her well in "recruiting" new members. She helped me quickly grow our numbers and will always remain a close friend. Another shout out goes to Darren for his mobile audio knowledge and help in organizing the fun.

    Thanks also to Alex and the rest of the gang at Humble Performance for their continued support of Team Sol Oklahoma and hosting events. Most of all thanks to all of you for making these past 6 years such fun.

    Ride hard and drive fast... -jim

  • I need a new menu item, but here is the howto on putting a shift boot on an AT sol.
  • Check out Lynn's poor crash pix (ouch, bam, ugh)  (3/24/98) - left up for historical sake

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