Music Release/General News

We're not dead yet and neither is Justin. He will be playing New Years Eve 2005 with the Chemical Brothers at Turnmills. Check it out! (11.23.05)

NEWS NEWS NEWS!! Justin has lent his guitar skills to Norman Cook's new album, Palookaville (due out on Oct 5 here state-side). Check it out! (9.24.04)

There really hasn't been any news to speak of in some time. Consider this site an archive to the great music. (6.22.04)

Updated the lyrics page with 'Call a Cab' thanks to Millia. (11.26.02)

FYI this site is not dead there just has not been any news re: Justin or Lionrock projects. (4.24.02)

Update Justin's new solo project CD is also released in the US as well as two UK singles: The Brightest Thing and Everpresent. CDNOW has them for order in the US follow the link in the links section to support the Den. (12.15.01)

NEWS! Finally some activity. Thanks to Henrik for this bit of info. There is a new CD by Justin out called 'Justin Robertson presents Revtone.' Look for it and pick it up. I think it is a UK release. (12.9.01)

The discography is now up to date with the information about Imprint on both the CD and vinyl versions. (6.26.01)

VERIFIED new CD Imprint is a mix CD done by Justin. I will have the track information in the discography shortly. (6.8.01)

Discography Updates

Added tracklistings for the new album Revtone and one of the two new singles (still searching for information on the other) to the Discography of course.. (12.15.01)

Added tracklistings for the CD and vinyl of Imprint to the Discography. (6.26.01)

Added tracklisting for Jam the Channel to the Discography. (7.11.00)

Added two new soundtrack listings to the Discography. (6.27.00)

New Web Page Features

Hopefully I can get the remixography finished within the next few weeks. Apologizes for the delays, a huge project at work has been taking up all of my time. (3.2.01)

New search feature added at the top of this page. Entire site is indexed, use it to search remixes or discography info or anything. (8.19.00)

Live Performance Schedules/Reviews

Turnmills - December 31st 2005 - Justin will be playing the NYE event along with the Chemical Brothers. Talk about an amazing show lineup! (11.23.05)

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